Recipe for Spicy Tempura Chicken Drops

Chicken Drop Entree

Chicken Sesame Tempura Drops (makes 2)



1 6oz chicken breast cut into 6 portions

1cup of flour

½ cup of ice cubes

a pinch of Black Sesame Seeds

a pinch of White Sesame Seeds

3oz of Mixed Greens

2oz of fried leeks

4oz of heavy whipping cream

1.5 oz of sriracha chili sauce

2oz of butter


To Assemble The Chicken

Mix 1 cup of flour with cold water until batter is at medium thickness

 Add ice cubes

Add Chicken in batter and place one by one into deep fryer (350D)

Cook until they float

The sauce

Reduce cream in saucepan till thick add sriracha, fold in cold butter

To Finish

Toss chicken in sauce and plate aside mixed greens, top with sesame seeds and fried leeks

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