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Twitterview with Dave Jarvis / @CURRENTbar (233)

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@JoelECarlson: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s Twitterview with Dave Jarvis, owner of @CurrentBar. Lets get things under way!

Q – #1    So @CurrentBar (Dave Jarvis), for those that may not know you, what’s your background in the hospitality/food business?

Dave: I grew up in the business… literally waiting on a bar stool for my parents to get off work 🙂 Dishwashing/cooking by 12

Worked every position imaginable then went off to college for business degree. After College, I Managed the Afton House Inn

I traveled the world going to different wineries in Italy, France, Spain, US, S America & got Sommelier Certificate

Became Co-Owner of Afton House Inn 10 years ago. Just opened Swirl Wine Club.Shop.Bar last may

Also now sit on the board of the Minnesota Restaurant Association and am the Pres of the Twin Cities Originals

Q – #2    Impressive! Lot of achievements. So what was the thinking behind opening the @currentbar?

Dave: We wanted to bring a new energy to the area… Fresh, Vibrant, Great Food, Fun Atmosphere, Patio and Connection with River

Also got sick and tired of all the crap food out there. Wanted to serv customers food that I would serv my 3 kids

CURRENT is alive & fresh with great wines, beer, drinks, kids menu & good local natural products & alot of gluten free

Q – #3    Before we get into the offerings that @currentbar will have, can you share a little bit about the chef and his background?

Chef Mark Paavola – Born and Raised in Minnesota. Has 20 years culinary background

Most recently, Chef Marc was head chef at the Birchwood Cafe, opened Porter & Fry and Sea Change – all in Mpls.

Overall he’s a GREAT guy. We’ve had a LOT of fun creating the menu for CURRENT. He get’s it !!

Q – #4    In regards to Mark, how did he fit the “mold” as to the type of chef that you were looking for to use at @currentbar?

Dave: Chef Marc understands great food as a whole but is also VERY well versed in healthy, natural, organic farming and prep

He also is not just an amazing cook but is VERY knowlegable and has great ideas. He’s very creative

Chef Marc is a GREAT guy too with a huge heart and is completely 100% a strong leader which is rare to find

Q – #5    Lets now address the @currentbar menu. Where will the ingredients come from and are there any vegetarian or gluten-free offerings?

Dave: We purchase ingredients from a lot of vendors, directly from farmers too. A lot of local ingredients

One example is the Grass Fed beef from Deer Park WI, 45 min east of us. Local bakers etc.

We have NUMBEROUS vegetarian offerings including what we call “The Best Vegetarian Sandwich Ever”

I know for me and my family that Gluten doesn’t work well. We indicate on the menu what items are GF… NUMBEROUS

We will be the 1st Restaurant in MN (that we’re aware of) offering Gluten Free Bread/Buns in near future (May?)

Menu concept is HEALTHY… with a few items for splurging. Yes, we have great Burgers and Monte Cristo too 🙂

Q – #6    In looking at the menu for @currentbar, one entree is called “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. What’s the story behind that name?

Dave: Ha! The 1st time we tried it with our culinary team and consultants in menu development it was just that. PERIOD.

When we tried it we all loved it and said “Wow.. this is a winner”. Another bite… “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner”

Q – #7    In addition to the great menu, will there be patio space to eat outside once it warms up? Any plans for music?

Dave: Absolutely. Nice patio connected through open doors. GREAT connection to outside & river. When is it going to warm?

PLUS we are doing brand new patio on the Riverside too in April or May. It’s going to be an AWESOME patio

LIVE Music Every Saturday night in the Summer on the new riverside patio by Swirl & Afton House Inn

Will Summer come?? I think we’re ready for sun & shorts!!

Q – #8    When will @currentbar be open to the public, and what will be it’s days and hours of operation?

Dave: @currentbar opens to the public this Friday April 1st… no joke:) We’ll b open for lunch and dinner starting at 11am

Closed Mondays in April then 7 days a week starting May. Late night menu and happy hour too

@currentbar will have breakfast at 8am Saturdays + Sunday Brunch – both starting sometime in May

Between the free wine tasting every Friday night next door @swirlmywine & now what’s at CURRENT, it’s a blast

CURRENT also has a $6 lunch Monday – Friday 11am – 2pm

Q – #9    Should people call ahead to get a table @currentbar?

Dave: CURRENT takes walk in’s. BUT, we we’re packed this entire past weekend (Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun) sold out for preview

We are sold out for this Wednesday neighborhood Pre-View Too. Open to the public on Fri & good idea for reservation

Reservation’s are through Open Table, search CURRENT Restaurant in Afton, MN. Or call 651-436-8883

@JoelECarlson – Thanks for sharing details about your new venture @currentbar and letting the public know what to expect. Congrats on the opening!

Dave: Thnx Joel and Thanks for having me. Look forward to seeing u soon! Thnx all for viewing too! Cheers, Dave

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